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Pre Engineered Buildings

In this fast growing world Pre Engineering Buildings have set an industrial revolution by replacing the age old conventional building structures. With more than a decade years of experience, we manufacture different components for a building in detail and assemble them to set up your building in your construction site in a timely manner.

Unique steel buildings are built using modern machinery of Internationals standards like. We manufacture multicolored buildings of any size and design. Our technical expertise lies in building complex steel structures in a very simple and professional way. The perfection in designing and framing the tall structures with fasteners the most recommended by structural architects, engineers and construction companies.

Since buildings are pre engineered assembling and dismantling is and rebuilding at a new location can be done with ease in an economical way.


The structure forms the main component of a PEB. They play a important role of shaping and strengthening the building. We use the latest technology and design to ensure strength and aesthetics of a Pre engineered building.

Unique Pre Engineering Buildings Framing Types

  • UNIQUE STRUCTURAL STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This the most economical rigid frames with a leverage to provide spacious work station to suit any plant layout. They are made of 2 columns and sloped beams to support the roof. Roofing’s are placed on this rigid skeletal structure to form a building.
  • UNIQUES CONTINUOUS BEAM: T his system forms a rigid frame with many intermediate column supports. This is used for making larger buildings ideal for a vast production or storage sites. As we manufacture A-Z components our pricing is the best. Our experienced craftsman can make dimension building to suit your needs.
  • UNIQUES UNI BEAM: We build affordable unibeams in accordance with AISC Type II Construction standards. Our frames are single gabled clear span with straight hot rolled columns and built-up sections for rafters.
  • UNIQUE DECK: Deck frames are specially designed for multistory buildings with mezzanine floorings. They are aesthetically designed to give a superior look.